Our history

The Baltatzis have been involved in the production and process of rural products for more than 12 decades. Since the early 20th century inTrabzon and Argyroupolis of Pontus, our family produces and processes grain, tobacco and more…

“Ethra Hellas” is growing products of the Greek land withefforts dedicated to the roots of Mt. Olympus and Pieria mountains.

Regarding the olive oil production

Experts are supervising the production from the early stages till the end.

Each olive oil bottle we pack has been selected carefully by our taste experts.

Why you need to choose ethra-elias…

Because in our business the production in being supervised by us and we always use high quality ingredients. We made it out job to deliver a trustworthy, high quality and appearing-to-the- costumers product.

Magnificent flavors from Ethra Hellas

✓ Olive oil produced by varieties of olive trees. The flavor and taste of which make it such a special combination. The recipe is well tested and unique.
✓ Balsamic vinegar produced by 100% first quality fruits, which guarantee the final flavors